RCMS Consultants currently provide documentation systems to a wide range of industries from Fuel Retail all the way to Mining.

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We currently provide on site services such as site inspections, auditing, safety committee meetings and more

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We currently provide training on site to contracted clients and provide formal training services at scheduled intervals

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RCMS Consultants CC can provide, implement and maintain customised SHE Systems to meet legal & other requirements, based on best industry practices:

  • NOSA Integrated SHE Systems
  • ASPASA Safety, Health & Environment Systems
  • SARMA Safety, Health, Road Transportation, Environment & Quality Systems
  • ISO 22000 HACCP Food Safety Systems
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems
  • OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety Systems
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems
  • Road Transportation Management Systems
  • Responsible Care Systems
  • Railway Safety Systems
  • Transport of Dangerous Goods Systems
  • OHSA Legal Compliance Systems
  • MHSA Legal Compliance Systems
  • OHSA Construction Legal Compliance Systems
  • Service Station HSEQ/HSSE Systems
  • Construction Site Establishment Systems
  • Systems for Maintenance & Construction Contracts
  • Principal & Sub-Contractor Control Systems
  • We can offer our clients the following options in the provision of systems

  • Clients may purchase a system of their choice in template form or we can personalise and customise the system to meet our clients requirements
  • Clients can lease to purchase systems from us and we will update system documentation on an ongoing basis to meet changes in system amendments, legal & other requirements made
  • Risk Control Management Systems can implement and manage systems purchased or leased for our clients on a contracted basis
  • or

  • Take the hassle out of having to purchase and mantain a system, let Risk Control Management Systems provide you with one of our systems personalised, customised, implemented and mantained on site by one of our highly experienced consultants on a contracted basis and all you pay is the on site fee for mantaining the system
  • Systems

    RCMS Consultants can provide, implement and maintain customised Systems to meet legal & other requirements based on best practice. We offer our clients the option of either purchasing or leasing our systems and can also provide and maintain systems on behalf of our clients on a contracted basis.


    RCMS Consultants presently services countries in Southern, West & Central Africa and can provide Occupational Health, Safety, Security, Road Transportation, Environment & Quality Services either as a once off or as part of a contracted service to help meet the client's legal and other requirements.


    RCMS Consultants can provide on site training to clients to meet legal & other requirements such as Induction, Fire Fighting and other job specific training courses. We also present various formal training courses to meet legal and other requirements such as Risk Assessment, Incident Investigation and more.

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